4 × 4

A series of sixteen paintings, presented in the exhibition called 4 x 4, approaches the topic as a common part of human life. The latest works by this painter is not limited by gender. The author leaves the stylized environment and leans towards a more minimalist concept in a style closer to pop art. The lines blur, the scenes are incomplete, we see only small cut-outs from them. Vague contours leave freedom and space for imagination. The eye of each spectator completes the scene based on their experience or desire. The author does not try to detailed representation, but on the contrary freely transitions into abstraction, in which one can see a deviation from his previous creations. The concept of the exhibition is divided into imaginary subchapters, the main one the distinguishing aspect is the color toning – pink, blue, green, black – chosen from the subjective impression of the painter color palette. In addition, the division of the images is also emphasized a selection from the poetry of Roman Fürich (1992), written in the style of slam poetry, referring to the same subject as the exhibited paintings. One color, one poem, four paintings, four times. However, the topic of sex is conceived as one within this exhibition. Not segmented, it is not judged, it remains a whole and becomes an ode to one of the most natural experiences human body. An exhibition with the title 4 x 4, both through the abandonment of the naturalistic representation and natural colors, leaves the viewer a free field to imaginative play with these paintings.