What it feels like for a girl

„What it feels like for a girl“ is a comprehensive exhibition conceived into a series of twenty oil paintings depicting a woman’s life. Artist’s effort is to capture women’s desires, thoughts and feelings in individual moments, important to them, their own lives. The exhibition comes at a time when topics such as motherhood, women’s responsibility and freedom or equality, marginally inflected in connection with feminism, resonate more strongly in Europe. We are aware of the role of contemporary art, which, as in the past, plays the role of a kind of bearer of the mirror of society, which not only reflects but also asks questions. The originality of the approach lies not only in the formal side of the paintings, emphasized by realistic depictions in a certain parallel, especially with contemporary authors such as Chloe Wise or Kerry James Marshall, but also in the strong symbolism and iconography of the works, explained in detail in the exhibition portfolio.